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How can you ensure the success of your children's party games?(kid games to play)

How many times have we heard, "Mom, I'm bored!" Children can be surrounded by interesting board games, gadgets, even online computer games and still not be happy.

Many parents feel quite nervous when hosting a party!(kid games to play)

And it's not surprising when you think about it.

Amusing an excited group of children for a couple of hours is hard work. But you know - it can be great fun too!

Follow these tips for stress free party games.(kid games to play)

The more relaxed you are, the more your child - and guests - will enjoy the party!

  • Keep an eye on the clock!
    Time does fly when you're hosting a party for kids. Guests, balloons, games, story, party tea, cake, presents - it's a lot to get through.

    And children's party games can be such fun that you might find you've left very little time for the party food. Get a friend or relative to be your unofficial timekeeper for you.

  • Prepare more games than you think you will need.(kid games to play)
    You may find that you can play some of the children's party games more than once, or even twice - but the last thing you want to do is run out of activities.
  • Prepare your prizes.
    A decorated Lucky Dip box with enough gift-wrapped prizes for all the likely winners or participants adds excitement!
  • Make a list of the order of your children's party games.(kid games to play)
    Be flexible about this. Don't start with a very energetic game. I would suggest starting with a game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, where everybody gets some attention and is involved.

    Follow with a mixture of circle games (Pass the Parcel), musical games (Musical Chairs) and thinking or finding games (Kim's Game for Little Kids or Hunt the Thimble).

    It's fun to end kids party games (kid games to play)with an activity everyone can join in, such as Follow my Leader, or you might want to finish with something quieter.

  • Don't forget to give clear instructions before each party game so that everybody understands what's happening.
  • When the games have finished, announce a ten minute "break". You can clear up and get ready for the present opening or the food, and the kids can go to the bathroom, wash their hands and quieten down.
Kid games to play

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Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

Great suggestions. I worked with a kids recreation group once and found that any game that has rules can delight them because it seems more special than just saying go play.
:) Sheri